Sunday, September 2, 2007

Solutions to Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms are a bit of a problem when you work in an environment where you meet and greet many people . After all, who wants to shake the hand of someone whose palm is slimy and slick with sweat?

Not only is it unbecoming for the person shaking the hand, but it is usually an embarrassment for the one whose hand is so sweaty. Various drugs may act as solutions to sweaty palms, but it also can cause side effects like blurred vision, dry mouth, or sedation. Sounds absolutely wonderful, does it not? Any other solutions to sweaty palms?

Let's see know - take a pill can be part of your solutions to sweaty palms, but then you cannot drive to work because you are tired and cannot see so well. Just what one needs, another evil to add to the list of choosing.

However, you can go bigger, and take the painful solutions to sweaty palms – like surgery. Sounds entertaining, doesn’t it?

You can go for Iontophoesis, where they can apply low intensity electrical currents to your hands. These solutions to sweaty palms should be done several times a week.

Better yet, inject some botox solutions to sweaty palms two or three times a year, in order to paralyze the nerves.

Liposuction can remove the sweat glands by a suction from under the skin. This is one of the more drastic solutions to sweaty palms.

I would suggest one to try a bit less invasive solutions to sweaty palms before resorting to such invasive solutions to sweaty palms. All options need to be utilized before one should try the previous options.

There are herbal remedies that can be tried, like Valerian Root, St. John’s Wort, or Kava Kava. Alternatively, treating the actual idea of anxiety, which causes much sweating is also very beneficial.

The biggest fear that one with sweaty palms has, it the idea that people think sweating means one is not clean, and therefore, is turned off by it. Unfair as it seems, this can actually be hereditary.

Some other outside environmental solutions to sweaty palms, such as food – caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods – can make one sweat. Be careful of some actual soaps during hand washing. Some that have antibacterial advantages, may actually kill the bacteria necessary to keep other bacteria at bay. Yes, we all have what can be considered “good” bacteria, and – without it – it may hinder our natural body defenses.

Stress triggers perspiration more than anything else. Trying relaxation solutions to sweaty palms such as meditation, yoga, or other such breathing methods can significantly improve your stress levels. Learning to control the stress that triggers perspiration can be much less expensive than surgical procedures.

Following through with non-invasive solutions to sweaty palms are best considered before having to utilize others Tai chi and yoga tends to enliven the mind, as well as teach proper breathing exercises. Practicing deep breathing, or simply walking somewhere that makes you feel better, is helpful in avoiding stress, and can sometimes be done before or after work, as well as during lunchtime.

Be sure to consult a doctor before starting any kind of solutions to sweaty palms – especially if you have a larger disease, like diabetes or a thyroid problem.

You can also try the solutions to sweaty palms that involve only a short 5 minute regimen every morning. You can read about it right now by CLICKING HERE.

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