Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Have Severe Armpit Sweating

I love the commercials that have a bunch of women working out all sexy and sweaty. I also love the commercials that show men doing the same thing - like running on a treadmill, and the woman next to him gets so enamored with his scent, that she falls off the treadmill.

I would have to say that I have actually done the latter. Yes, you may laugh all you want, but I was watching my husband getting all sweaty on the stair-stepper next to me one workout morning. He stopped to wipe the sweat off his face and I suddenly had that, "Oh, my God - he's so sexy when he sweats," thought.

No really paying attention to where I was stepping to, I took on step off the machine, and ended up slipping on the mechanism. I fell at my husband’s feet, twisting my ankle in the process! Okay, so I’m a bit less coordinated when it comes to seeing my husband all hot and sweaty (trust me, it’s been over tens years with him, and I’m still falling all over myself like a newlywed!).

I, on the other hand, absolutely hate it if he even touches me when have severe armpit sweating. Now, there may be some times that we both say look "I have severe armpit sweating" – and I don’t mind – but, besides that, there’s nothing more gross.

I happen to be the lucky one of many, however. My sister is the unlucky one. She ended up being stuck having to wear white tee shirts, or some kind of layered outfit when she was in high school – all because she had such high levels of hormones that she had the mantra - I have severe armpit sweating.

There are a ton of ways to stop feeling like i have severe armpit sweating including antiperspirants, botox, oral medications, surgery, and iontophoesis.

Antiperspirants are usually more of a cover up when i have severe armpit sweating.

Botox swells up the area and blocks sweat gland stimulation, but can be painful, of course. Just think – a needle going into your underarm – injecting you with bacteria. Yuck! However, when I have severe armpit sweating, that doesn't sound so bad.

Oral medications tend to want to help with stress relief and tension – which tend to be big triggers when I have severe armpit sweating.

Surgery just removes the sweat glands completely, but this is very dangerous – since sweat glands are meant to cool down the body temperature. Without them, you may end up with dehydration.

Liposuction can remove the sweat glands by a suction from under the skin.

You can go for Iontophoesis, where they can apply low intensity electrical currents to your sweat area – which has to initially be done several times a week. However, I have severe armpit sweating and iontophoresis sweating treatment are used more for excessive palm and foot sweating.

How many commercials have you seen where there happen to be a bunch of women jumping and dancing around, but only one of them has her harms waving in the air. The others are looking around like they are ashamed, and checking to see if they have wet stains under their armpits. well, if one method doesn’t work – try, try again.

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