Sunday, September 2, 2007

Curing Sweaty Feet

I have yet to decide if being able to write about sweaty feet firsthand is a good thing or a bad. I would guess that it is easier to write about something if you have had experience with it, but this type of admission to sweaty feet tends to be a bit on the embarrassing side.

Why, you may ask? Well, I would think that no one likes to tell others that they have sweaty feet, or that you would prefer to keep your shoes on – so no one smells how stinky they are.

Curing Sweaty Feet Tip #1
I found that medicated foot powders as well as simple cornstarch works very well for me. so well, in fact, that I have no problem anymore with slipping off my shoes when I enter a person’s house. However, there are a ton of other remedies that can be put under the self-care aspect of foot sweat. First off, as if I even need to say it, bathing daily will always wash away the sweat and dead skin cells that can combine to cause smelly feet.

Curing Sweaty Feet Tip #2
Choosing your shoes and socks can be quite a time-consuming thing when you have smelly, sweaty feet. So, try to buy shoes made of natural materials, such as leather shoes or cotton or wool socks. These type of socks may seem very hot and heavy, but they are actually made to absorb moisture – which will give you less of a smelly foot.

Curing Sweaty Feet Tip #3
It may behoove – no pun intended – you to actually change your socks or hose once or twice a day, and drying your feet thoroughly each time. Microorganisms also tend to live in damp spaces – including your toes. If your shoes actually get sweaty enough to be wet at the end of the day, then try not to where them more than every other day.

Curing Sweaty Feet Tip #4
As strange as it may seem, try to slip out of your shoes if you know you will be sitting somewhere for a long time. Airing out your feet will help keep the sweating at bay. However, be wary when you do this – especially if you know you will have some smelly feet at the end of the day! In addition, as strange as it may sound, some people actually swear by rubbing an antiperspirant on the soles of his or her feet at night – just as a precautionary measure.

Curing Sweaty Feet Tip #5
This one is the REAL cure. It actually prevents your feet from sweating. The curing sweaty feet treatment is called a Sage Tea Foot bath. It involved just a couple of supplies you can pick up at any supermarket. This curing sweaty feet treatment WORKS awesome! You just have to be consistent and do it for about 5 days straight. The treatment only takes about 10 minutes to do. You can learn about the entire treatment, Step-by-Step by CLICKING HERE.

No matter what the choices are that you can make, always try to be curing sweating feet – not just a cover-up. Treating the symptoms may cause them to go away for a while, but – if you cannot find the cause of the symptoms – you will be stuck having a harder and harder time getting rid of the dilemma! Whichever it may be, try to keep yourself out of situations you know will cause this predicament. If you must do it, then go there being prepared. It will save both you and your friends a bit of embarrassment!

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