Thursday, August 28, 2008

Excessive Facial Sweating

In the movie and the book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, it was important to always have your towel no matter where you went. Although this was kind of a gag throughout the book and the movie, they showed how a towel was really handy.

I bring this up because if you have excessive facial sweating, you know what it is to always have your towel with you. It is something that is important because excessive facial sweating gets into your eyes and stops you from being able to move forward -- unless you have a towel.

Some people suffer from excessive sweating on their hands, feet or groin area and some have it all over their body. So, you see, it could be worse. If you have excessive facial sweating it could be a symptom of Hyperhidrosis.

People who have excessive facial sweating can have it on their face, scalp or neck. The difficulty with this one is you never know when it is going to start: you could be standing and talking to someone you are interested in romantically, it could happen because you are eating.

Tips to Control Excessive Facial Sweating
There are several things you can do to control excessive facial sweating and here are a few tips:

  • Suffering from excessive facial sweating - stop using lotions or other things on your face -- if you are using lotion on your face or other creams, stop doing this because it can cause you to sweat more.

  • For excessive facial sweating - carry a towel -- as I said before a towel is always handy. They have tea towels that are small and if you carry one, it actually likes kinda cool. If you don't want to carry a towel, carry a big handkerchief and both of these options will help you control excessive facial sweating.

  • Check with a dermatologist if you suffer from excessive facial sweating -- since these doctors are specialists with the skin they can help you put together a plan that will help you control excessive facial sweating.

  • Don't sweat the small stuff - okay, so again, you might not think this is funny but it's true. Don't worry about this situation because that can only make you have more excessive facial sweating.

I hope these tips on controlling excessive facial sweating are helpful and I will also tell you that there will be other tips on this blog as time goes on. You should check back frequently because you never know what you will find out about excessive facial sweating.

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