Monday, August 18, 2008

Unshaved Armpits - Does it Increase Sweating?

If you're a male and you've got unshaved armpits along with excessive underarmp sweating, you may be wondering, "Will my unshaved armpits contribute to my axillary hyperhidrosis?"

It's quite natural to think that shaving your armpits will lessed sweating. Afterall, aren't unshaved armpits more prone to overheating?

The truth is, if you do suffer from excessive sweating in your armpits, having unshaved armpits won't contribute to your already persistent perspiration.

Hyperhidrosis is rarely triggered by excessive heat and is more normally stimulated by anxiety. There is however one MAJOR advantage if you don't have unshaved armpits.

That advantage is, with shaved armpits, you can exfoliate the armpit skin much easier.

Exfoliating armpit skin will alleviate underarm sweating to an extent. I use a lufa in the shower every morning to do this. So yes, unshaved armpits does have its disadvantages - mainly excessive armpit odor. However, it won't make or break your excessive sweating.

What will help your excessive sweating isn't cleaning up your unshaved armpits. It's having a solid hyperhidrosis regimen that you can follow through on everyday. You can find an exact regimen like this at by CLICKING HERE.

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