Friday, August 8, 2008

Hyperhidrosis Electrical Cure

Iontophoresis is known in some circles at the "hyperhidrosis electrical cure". You can actuall see a homemade version of this hyperhidrosis electrical cure by CLICKING HERE.

So why do they call Iontophoresis the hyperhidrosis electrical cure? Quite simply, this solution uses electrical currents to bond water molecules to your skin, temporarily thickening the skin on the hands and feet to stop palmer or plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive hand or foot sweating).

This hyperhidrosis electrical cure works wonderfully. You start Iontophoresis treatments by contacting your doctor or dermatologist and make the request. Your doctor will then refer you to an Iontophoresis treatment center where you can begin.

To give you a little more detail on the way this hyperhidrosis electrical cure works...

You basically sit at a table with your hands and/or feet in metal trays. The trays are filled with mineral water. Sometimes the technician will put additional medicine like aluminum chloride in the water.

Gentle currents are passed into the water through low voltage batteries. This hyperhidrosis electrical cure is totally painless although occasionally some irritation can occur at the waterline.

If that happens, just put some vaseline on your skin where it touches the water.

Anyway...after the currents pass through the water, the polarity is reversed on the trays.

The currents used in this hyperhidrosis electrical cure work phenomenally. Your palms and/or feet will stop sweating after just a few treatments. Most people use this hyperhidrosis electrical cure once a week after the inital treatment.

There is good news if this hyperhidrosis electrical cure doesn't sound like your cup of tea. You can now stop sweating completely from the hands, feet and armpits by using the Stop Sweating and Start Living treatment. Ready to end your hyperhidrosis for good? Check out the treatment right now by CLICKING HERE!

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