Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hyperhydrosis Underarm

Hyperhydrosis is the technical term for a condition that many people suffer from that means you have excessive sweating. For this article, we are going to talk about Hyperhydrosis underarm because this is the most common.

Other forms of Hyperhydrosis will be found on the hands and feet, the face, or in the groin area. All of these areas will have excess sweating for the person that is dealing with the problem.

Hyperhydrosis underarm affects about 2-3% of people but it also accounts for about 40% of the total types of excessive sweating. Because of this many people are embarrassed to go out in social situations because they can't stop sweating.

That challenge is that people are cruel. They will see someone with very sweaty underarms and get upset about it. Sometimes they will call names or snicker behind their backs and this isn't quite the way that most people want to live.

Hyperhydrosis underarm is usually seen in teenagers or when people are in their early twenties. These are times as you know when people are already feeling vulnerable and awkward.

When this Hyperhydrosis underarm happens for people no one really knows why. Doctors don't even know why it is that some people have this Hyperhydrosis underarm and some people don't, so they often think it might be genetic. The only problem is you may be the only one in your family that has it.

Some doctors say that Hyperhydrosis underarm is caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Others think it is an over active sweat gland called the eccrine gland. Doctors will probably continue to make guesses about it because they really don't understand it.

Triggers for Hyperhydrosis Underarm
There are many things that trigger regular sweating so these same things can trigger Hyperhydrosis underarm. Activities like exercise, stress, anxiety or emotions (especially when you are feeling them strongly) can trigger excessive sweating.

Also, foods or drinks like caffeine can do it or certain times of the day. Even hot or cold days can do the same thing. So, Hyperhydrosis underarm is one of those situations that you just have to deal with in some way.

That is what this blog is all about. I will give you more information in the coming posts that will help you understand more about Hyperhydrosis Underarm and the many other types of excessive sweating.

I will give you information about what to do about it and some of the remedies that other people are using to help. So, stay tuned!


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